About Me

The Wholistic Way is transformation space that’s all about integrating the mind, body and soul connection to empower you on your wellness journey so you can live your highest potential and truly thrive!


With over 16 years in the industry, here we use a potent blend of modalities

that are rooted in Ancient Wisdom & Modern Psychology (you can think science meets spirituality) to provide you with deep and authentic transformational experiences.

I spent so much of my life following expectations but I knew deep down that I was made for more, that I wanted more and to make a difference in some way.

This inevitably resulted in me feeling lost, stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled.

I eventually had enough and dived into different modalities to heal, recognise and ignite what I really wanted. I trusted my intuition and took the leap to be the creator of my reality.


Through shadow work, a journey of deconditioning and working through my limiting beliefs and reclaiming who I truly am, I chose to live life on my terms,

in alignment with my purpose and intuition, now helping ambitious beings like you do the same.


Part of my Dharma / Purpose is to facilitate spaces that allow people to heal and reclaim their power and purpose.


Creating sustainability in our lives and businesses, supporting ethical brands and people who care for people and the planet is also just as important!

The Wholistic way was founded as a result of my personal self development journey, life experiences and my 15+yrs of professional experience.

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My Philosophy

My mission is to empower and guide people to live in alignment with their

highest most authentic self, allowing them to live their full potential with joy, purpose and freedom.


When each of us heal and reclaim our authentic, empowered selves we

truly thrive... we create an impact and positive ripple effects.