I watched an oldie but a goodie with my kids this week….Super Size Me.  My kids have a fair understanding of the basics of nutrition and healthy eating.  We rarely eat fast food and I don’t stock a lot of junkie stuff at home.  They tend to make pretty good food choices, especially for their age.  But every now and then I like to give them a little reminder of why we make the choices we make.  I think that we can all benefit from a reminder that our food choices have real effects on our health, other than the obvious effect on our waistlines. Do you have any favorite food documentaries or books?  Do you share them with your families?

Here’s this weeks menu.  Enjoy!




  • Black Bean Burrito Bowls
    • Start with rice and then throw in all your favorite burrito fillings
  • Salsa ( this is worth the 5 minutes it takes to make it….trust me)
  • Salad


  • Khagina (egg and onion curry)
    • I hope to have a post soon with my recipe for this, it is delicious and will definitely make a place into your meal rotation.
  • Tomato Salan ( spicy tomato sauce)
  • Kichdi ( rice and lentil)


  • Egg Salad sandwiches, hummus and vegetables


  • Pesto and mozzarella panini
  • Salad