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jumping in biggerThe best way to start something is to just start, or so ‘they’ say.  That doesn’t work for me, I’m a planner.  I can plan an idea right into an early grave.  I excel at planning, are you getting that?  What I’m not good at is starting, so I’m going to take ‘their’ advice – don’t you love the ambiguous ‘they’?  Who are ‘they’? – I’m going to start, just like that, I’m going to jump in without much planning – notice I didn’t say without any planning, a girl’s gotta stay somewhat true to herself.

My path to eating a whole foods diet has been rather organic – no pun intended.  It has evolved slowly over a period of years.  It feels natural – hehe, that one was on purpose.  I started with small changes, and with time the changes grew in number, until the changes didn’t feel like changes so much as just what we do.

I find that most people want to make all the changes at once.  They get inspired by something, maybe a documentary they saw, or a book they read, or worse a medical scare; whatever the trigger, they are ready to make big changes NOW.  You can’t do it when you are uninspired, but the changes aren’t going to stick unless you grow into them.  Eating real plant-based food requires so many changes, it takes time.  It takes time for your taste to change, it takes time to pull your family along, it takes time to adjust to cooking and buying new foods, and it takes time.

Real food takes time, time to plan, time to cook.  Real food is not fast food, it requires preparation and cooking.  I don’t want to discourage you, but I want to be ‘real’ – I just can’t stop myself.  That is not to say that real, whole, plant-based food can’t be fast; there are dinners you can throw together in thirty minutes, there are prepping chores you can do ahead of time to speed things at dinner time, but a lot of the food is going to take time. BUT, here’s the thing, it will be worth it.  You will feel healthier, your taste will change to actually enjoy real food.  Who knows maybe you’ll even enjoy the time in the kitchen.  When I starting spending more than thirty minutes making dinner, I felt like I was wasting my time.  I was frustrated.  I home-school and I felt like that time in the kitchen was either stealing time from my kids or more often I felt like it was stealing my down time.  My husband, the always sensible one, suggested that I change my view of my time in the kitchen.  The time I spent preparing nutritious food for my family was an extension of my love.  Why is providing life sustaining nutritious food for my family not worth my time, and theirs?

Okay, so this is why planning is important, I’ve rambled.  Here’s the clif notes version of what I’ve been trying to say.  Eating whole foods take time and energy but you don’t need to change everything at once, make small sustainable changes; they really do add up over time.

Baby steps, folks, baby steps.


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