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Month: January 2016

Meal Plan 1/18/2016


Just when things start to settle into a somewhat regular schedule, out pops MLK day.  I’m not complaining… at all.  I needed this little three day weekend.  After having so many breaks during the holidays, the last two weeks have been loooong.  I mean really, a five day work week.

Here’s this weeks menu.  My kids have yet to get the message that it is time to get back to regularly scheduled eating, i.e. no more junk!  So we’re easing into things, trying to coax them and myself gently back to a little bit more conscientious eating. Continue reading

Simple Veggies



Broccoli Done Right

Broccoli is popular in our house. It has so much to recommend it.  It’s quick, easy, nutritious, tasty, and did I mention easy?  Best of all, everyone will eat it…without complaint; that makes it a total winner in my book.

For some reason when you mention broccoli to people, they conjure up images of bland steamed broccoli, laying limply on the plate.  Ugh…there are very few people that would appeal to.  Roasted broccoli, on the other hand.  Mmmm, that is something entirely different.  That is yummy deliciousness. Continue reading

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