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Meal Plan May 8, 2016







  • Picnic



  • Date night….pizza for the kids

Meal Plan 5/1/2016


I watched an oldie but a goodie with my kids this week….Super Size Me.  My kids have a fair understanding of the basics of nutrition and healthy eating.  We rarely eat fast food and I don’t stock a lot of junkie stuff at home.  They tend to make pretty good food choices, especially for their age.  But every now and then I like to give them a little reminder of why we make the choices we make.  I think that we can all benefit from a reminder that our food choices have real effects on our health, other than the obvious effect on our waistlines. Do you have any favorite food documentaries or books?  Do you share them with your families?

Here’s this weeks menu.  Enjoy!


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Meal Plan 4/24 – 4/30

garlic-1336910_1920I’m back.

It’s back to the real world, the daily grind.  Back to cooking and planning and shopping.  Back to all those things I can’t wait to get away from but then somehow can’t wait to get back to.  After a long and much needed vacation, I’m ready to settle in and get back to a routine.  I love a routine…until I don’t.  But right now, routine it is.

I love sitting down with my cookbooks and my pinterest account.  Figuring out what sounds good, what new recipe to try…what new recipe will my family be willing to try.  What side dishes and salads will round out a meal, what produce is in season and how can I serve it so that everyone will not only eat it, but look forward to it.

It’s weird, I know, but there it is.  I really enjoy meal planning.

So here’s this weeks meal plan.  Enjoy.


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Weekly Meal Plan 3/6/16 – 3/12/16

egg-944495_1920We’re travelling in a week for a 3 week road trip to visit with family and friends.  We are all bubbling with excitement, ready for this trip to start already.  You know that feeling, one foot in the door, one foot out.  That’s how I feel.  Part of me wants to load up on all the veggies I know I am not going to be getting for the next few weeks and the other part wants to let the party get started.  Veggie loading it is, sprinkled with a little bit of party.


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Meal Plan 2/28/2016

greens-266560_1920 (1)Here is this week’s menu.  I keep thinking about writing a bit more, but I never quite get around to it.  So on the advice of a good friend, I am going to keep it simple and give you my menu.


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Meal Plan 1/18/2016


Just when things start to settle into a somewhat regular schedule, out pops MLK day.  I’m not complaining… at all.  I needed this little three day weekend.  After having so many breaks during the holidays, the last two weeks have been loooong.  I mean really, a five day work week.

Here’s this weeks menu.  My kids have yet to get the message that it is time to get back to regularly scheduled eating, i.e. no more junk!  So we’re easing into things, trying to coax them and myself gently back to a little bit more conscientious eating. Continue reading

Simple Veggies



Broccoli Done Right

Broccoli is popular in our house. It has so much to recommend it.  It’s quick, easy, nutritious, tasty, and did I mention easy?  Best of all, everyone will eat it…without complaint; that makes it a total winner in my book.

For some reason when you mention broccoli to people, they conjure up images of bland steamed broccoli, laying limply on the plate.  Ugh…there are very few people that would appeal to.  Roasted broccoli, on the other hand.  Mmmm, that is something entirely different.  That is yummy deliciousness. Continue reading

Meal Planning


Whenever I’m having a conversation with someone about changing eating patterns and switching to a more plant-rich, whole foods diet, I hear this statement, “It’s overwhelming, I don’t know where to start.”  Hands down every time.  And it is true. It is overwhelming, and it is confusing. So then that person will ask me if I will forward them a couple of recipes.  Here’s the thing – I have a bad memory. Like, really bad.  So those recipes rarely get to anyone.  Hence the idea for this blog. Continue reading

Let’s get started!

jumping in biggerThe best way to start something is to just start, or so ‘they’ say.  That doesn’t work for me, I’m a planner.  I can plan an idea right into an early grave.  I excel at planning, are you getting that?  What I’m not good at is starting, so I’m going to take ‘their’ advice – don’t you love the ambiguous ‘they’?  Who are ‘they’? – I’m going to start, just like that, I’m going to jump in without much planning – notice I didn’t say without any planning, a girl’s gotta stay somewhat true to herself. Continue reading

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